The 'why behind W1N

"At a young age my dream came true, I became champion of the world at 18 years old. In the process of chasing my dream I had to obtain a winners mindset. This meant demanding excellence from myself, forming good habits, being disciplined and working smart as well as hard. I didn’t just strive to the best I could in everything I did but I also strived to have the best things around me whether that was people, facilities, equipment etc…

In an attempt to find the best football I shopped around and paid extortionate prices for official match balls. Upon testing them I found that some were terrible, some were great but all had things that could be improved. As time went on my knowledge of what makes a good football grew, I began to understand the importance of different manufacturing methods like thermal bonding, the temperature the ball needs to be made in, the materials that should be used for optimum performance, durability and grip in all conditions.

Fast forward a few years and the W1N ball was born, designed by yours truly. I believed it was perfect so I sent it around to a few freestylers to get their feedback. It went down better than I hoped for, they claimed to love it. As I continued using the ball my fans noticed and I noticed a lot of messages from them wanting it. I had parents contacting me pleading to get their hands on one as it was the only thing on their kids birthday or Christmas list.

I’m unbelievably grateful for all the support I receive from my fans. I know how fortunate I am to be making a living doing what I love whether that’s travelling around the world with brands, making videos for social media or presenting on television. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am or able to do any of this without them. So, I decided that this football could be my way of giving back.

It started as a mission to make the best ball in the world for myself but now it’s much more than that. W1N is for my fans, it’s about giving confidence and putting smiles on faces. It’s proving that anyone can win. I will continue to innovate and produce products I truly believe in and all the proceeds we raise upon selling these products will be donated back into supporting grassroots football.

So, when somebody buys from W1N they’re not just getting a meaningful product, they’re putting their money to a great cause. It’s really a win-win."


— Liv Cooke